WTSIP In Brief

Leading partnership arrangement

WTSIP is the only partnership model of it's kind in Australia.

Part of the Reef Alliance Project

Statewide GBR catchment approach to improve water quality.

Transitioning cane farmers beyond BMP

Working with cane growers to implement more sustainable farming practices.

What Our Team Provides

Training and Extension

On ground support for growers to develop nutrient management plans and facilitate improved land management practices.

Support for Innovation Trials

Support in trialling new practices to achieve positive water quality outcomes.

Clear messaging

Point of contact for growers seeking clear messaging about farming practices and water quality.

a few words about WTSIP

joe marano

Joe Marano, Chair of the Wet Tropics Sugar Industry Partnership

The Wet Tropics Sugar Industry Partnership (WTSIP) was formed to provide industry-led extension and training to growers in the Wet Tropics.

It is a partnership between industry bodies, productivity services, sugar research, millers, natural resource management and government organisations.

We are all working together to make collective decisions and share learnings across the region for the good of the industry.

Spanning from Mossman to Ingham and including the Atherton Tablelands, the partnership covers the nine Wet Tropics catchments.

WTSIP currently has oversight of the delivery of Reef Trust Phases III and IV (Repeated Tenders) and will play a major role in the Queensland Government’s Major Integrated Project in the Johnstone and Tully catchments.

We have established governance and staffing arrangements so that we can adapt and expand to cater for additional water quality projects as they come along.

By working together we can make the most of funds coming into the region and get good results on the ground for cane farmers.

Our team of Extension Officers are working within our partner organisations.