WTSIP In Brief

17 Partners

WTSIP is a leading partnership arrangement - the only one of it's kind in Australia.

Strong connections

Cross-industry collaboration optimises reef investment

On-ground expertise

Working with cane growers to implement more sustainable farming practices.


Nutrient Management Plans

Individualised nutrient management plans based on a consistent format developed by local experts.

Investment in Extension

Addressed the lack of extension officers by developing and upskilling new recruits

Shared Technical Advice for the Industry

Founded the Cane Technical Advisory Group to assess and advise the whole industry on water quality issues.

a few words about WTSIP

joe marano

Joe Marano, Chair of the Wet Tropics Sugar Industry Partnership

The Wet Tropics Sugar Industry Partnership (WTSIP) was formed in 2014.

It is an alliance of industry bodies, productivity services, sugar research, millers, natural resource management and government organisations.

Between 2016-2020 we worked together on the delivery of reef water quality programs funded by the Australian Government's Reef Trust and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. These were focused on providing extension services and nutrient management planning to sugarcane growers across the region.

Our partnership model and the coordinated approach we took to these projects were a first for Australia and resulted in many benefits. By working together we can make the most of funds coming into the region and get good results on the ground for cane farmers while achieving water quality outcomes.

Our team of extension officers continue to be employed by our partner organisation in the districts.