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Soil health key to reducing fertiliser rates

Ask cane grower Robert Bonassi how he’s slashed fertiliser rates without affecting yield and he has two words – soil health. The third-generation farmer is focused on fallow crops, mill by-products and soil tests in his transition to cane that is less reliant on artificial fertilisers, and he says the journey has been both challenging…
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Less fertiliser brings rewards for Spina family

Sugar cane grower Sam Spina says using less fertiliser has led to financial and environmental wins almost as sweet as his crop. The third-generation cane grower, who farms with his brother Michael, has made changes ranging from planting fallow crops and varying fertiliser application rates across paddocks to laser-levelling cane land and installing spoon drains.…
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Preplanting Reminder

As the planting season is rapidly approaching, now is a good time to think about starting or updating your Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) with your new soil sample results for this year’s plant.  A whole of farm Nutrient Management Plan puts all your farm nutrient requirements into a single rationalised plan. It includes all your…
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What You Need to Know About Mill Mud

Mill mud is a valuable resource and also a source of many questions from growers - about best practice and how to get the most out of mill by-products. Our extension team in the Tully and Murray district recently pulled together all the available information to answer common questions and share findings. What are the…
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