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Deep Ripper Trials Show Promise

A deep ripper that can loosen soil one metre beneath cane crops is generating interest in an industry working to improve soil and root health. Ingham cane grower Paul Mizzi designed and manufactured the deep zonal ripper last year to combat severe soil compaction caused by increasingly heavy farm machinery - a major contributor to…
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Over 300 Growers Benefit From Nutrient Management Plans

Over 300 cane growers in the Wet Tropics have taken advantage of whole-farm nutrient management plans to better match nutrient inputs to crop requirements, increase understanding of their soils and in some cases save money. The Wet Tropics Sugar Industry Partnership (WTSIP) is offering customised nutrient management planning through the Australian Government’s Reef Trust III…
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Rise in Mixed Species Fallow Crops

Mixed species fallow crops are on the rise in the Wet Tropics – and the results are encouraging for cane farmers. As fallow crops become a more mainstream practice, WTSIP's extension team in Mossman who are based in MAS have noticed that growers are taking it a step further and planting up to five species…
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