There are a number of cane-related projects occurring in the Wet Tropics that are benefitting farmer profitability as well as the environment.

WTSIP currently has oversight of the delivery of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation Water Quality 1 Project and Reef Trust Phase IV Repeated Tenders. 

GBRF Water Quality I Project

This project is maintaining the extension capacity built by the Australian Government's previous Reef Trust III project. WTSIP's extension is continuing to be funded to work with cane growers in the Wet Tropics to review nutrient management plans and weed management plans.

Reef Trust Phase IV

Phase IV is a repeated tender program with support for the broader trialling and uptake of Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers.

WTSIP's extension team are also connected to the wider extension network in the Wet Tropics and coordinating with the deliver of other water quality projects including: 

Major Integrated Project (MIP)

The Wet Tropics Major Integrated Project (MIP) is being funded by the Queensland Government and led by a consortium of over 30 partners including WTSIP. It is focused on reducing nutrient and pesticide losses from cane and banana farms in the Tully and Johnstone River Catchments.

Mossman Integrated Catchment Repair Project

This project is being delivered by Terrain NRM in partnership with Mossman Agriculture and Mossman Canegrowers. The project is repairing priority riverbanks eroded by flooding.