Major Integrated Project

How would you spend a share of $33 million to really make a difference to water quality flowing to the reef?

major integrated project

The Wet Tropics Major Integrated Project (MIP) is being funded by the Queensland Government. It is focused on reducing nutrient and pesticide losses from cane and banana farms in the Tully and Johnstone River Catchments. 

Reef Water Quality Project

WTSIP a member of the consortium leading the project

Johnstone & Tully catchments

Highlighted as hotspots for nutrient and pesticide runoff

Designed by the community

Share your ideas for improving water water in these catchments. The design phase will run until mid-2016


This project is a unique opportunity for the community to have their say in designing and implementing a reef water quality project in their local catchment.

It is the first of its kind and is being supported by a consortium of over 30 partners. It aims to improve the health of the reef while ensuring viable farming and rural communities

The consortium is coordinated by Terrain NRM on behalf of WTSIP, Australian Banana Growers' Council, Local Government, community groups, consultants and scientists.

Active participation from farmers and the community will be critical to the MIP's success and ideas big and small, old and new, are being sought to develop a project that can transform our approach to the enormous challenge of improving the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

This is a unique and exciting opportunity to ensure local knowledge is incorporated into a reef water quality project to suit local conditions and farmer circumstances.

The Wet Tropics MIP will be designed between January and June 2017 and then implemented by June 2020.

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