Reef Trust 3 Grants

The Reef Trust Phase 3 Water Quality Incentive Grants are a new program designed to give financial assistance to help growers adopt more sustainable practices.  

reef trust 3

Second round NOW CLOSED

At this stage there are no plans to run a third round of these grants. Stay in contact with your WTSIP Extension Officer to keep informed of opportunities.

Water Quality Projects

A total of $1.5 million was made available for projects showing a benefit to water quality. Successful projects are to be completed by June 2019.

Single Farm or Multi Farm Applications

Up to $25,000 for single farm applications and up to $80,000 for multi-farm applications (2 or more).

What to do next

  • If you are interested in being kept informed of new opportunities for cane growers please register your interest below or contact your local WTSIP Extension Officer.