Preplanting Reminder

As the planting season is rapidly approaching, now is a good time to think about starting or updating your Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) with your new soil sample results for this year’s plant. 

A whole of farm Nutrient Management Plan puts all your farm nutrient requirements into a single rationalised plan. It includes all your nutrient requirements based on the SIX EASY STEPS and product recommendations to meet these requirements along with a simple application plan.

Your WTSIP extension officer works with you to develop or update your NMP. The process involves them discussing your current fertiliser practices, reviewing your soil sample locations and results and reviewing block information such as variety, crop class, yield and soil type as well as other practices that have occurred on these blocks in the past.

Armed with all of this information, they then collate it for you into management zones to produce a rationalised whole of farm NMP.

Some of the other important factors to consider in the lead up to planting include variety selection, block history and weed, pest and disease management, specifically RSD sampling of the plant source and pachymetra levels in the blocks to be planted.

For further information about any of these topics contact your local WTSIP extension officer (see team to find out who your local contact is)

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